How to Build Your Player Profile

If you are a scout or recruiter, see Building Your Player Profile.

For many players, their chief concern is getting scouted and recruited to play in clans, teams, orgs, schools, and more. If that describes you, this section is here to help guide you through the top tasks you need to complete in order to make your profile attractive.

Players with fully completed profiles receive 350%+ more offers, messages, profiles views, and engagements. While you have a little work to do in order to fill everything out, you can see a return on your time investment if you take it seriously.

Visit Your Public Profile Page

All of your tasks and tools can be accessed on your public profile page, which is accessible via your Player Menu at the top right of the screen.

Your public profile is exactly that - what the public (including scouts and recruiters) sees and what they'll find when they try to evaluate you. Your personal details are hidden for everyone except verified scouts and recruiters from reputable organizations.

Find Your Profile

Add Your Games to Your Profile

Step 1: Tell recruiters what games you play! While it's ok to focus just on a few games, you can feel free to add all games to your profile to show the depth and experience you have across multiple titles.

Don't just add your Gamertag - also add the highest in-game rank you've achieved for your games, and use the opportunity to highlight accomplishments including past wins and clips and highlights you may have on Twitch, YouTube, or

Add Games to Your Profile

Complete Your Interviews

The interviews section of your profile includes a handful of short (8-15 question) interviews that specifically target things that recruiters are looking for. By completing these interviews, you are giving your potential scout or recruiter deeper insight into who you are, which can translate to more offers and opportunity.

Complete Your Interviews