How to Recruit

If you are a player, see Building Your Player Profile.

GYO allows for players and scouts to find other players to play with or join their teams. Through our Combine events, our leagues, and our general player directories, GYO is the place to discover talent, and to be discovered.

Through GYO Dashboard, scouts have a number of tools at their disposal to help them recruit new talent.

Paid Recruiting vs. Free Recruiting

GYO offers a number of free tools for recruiting, but also offers tools for our Premium GYO Dashboard subscribers and Premium GYO members.

Free Tools

  • Browse Player Listings
  • View Anonymous Scouting Reports
  • Send Messages to Others
  • Post Classified Recruitment Listings
  • Browse Free Agent Profiles
  • Browse Combine Results

Premium Tools

In addition to all free tools, premium subscribers gain access to the following:

  • Verified Profile Status
    All of your staff members receive a "Verified" check next to their profile to show players your messages are from a legitimate source.
  • Unlock Player Demographic Filters
    Unlock the ability to search by age, gender, desired major, and other personal information searches.
  • Send Certified Offers
    These messages are received in a special inbox that prevents them from being labeled as spam.
  • Automatic Watchlist Configuration
    Set your player preferences and get automatically matched with new players based on preferences.
  • GYO Introductions
    We introduce you direct to players we discover who we think will be good fits for your program.